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At Christmas, birthdays or other festive occasions… do you wish you could decorate the outside of your house quickly and easily? Try Magic Led, the laser projector for your house with 6 interchangeable motifs!

MagicLed is the 1st laser projector which can instantaneously project festive patterns and interchangeable colours on the outside of your house!

How MagicLed can brighten up your new year festivities:

#1 Light up the walls of your house with its 6 interchangeable motifs!

Forget those strings of fairy lights and other decorations that take up so much space in your cupboards…MagicLed is THE new decorative lighting system which will help you save time and space!

This ingenious invention projects brightly coloured festive motifs on your walls – your friends and family will be spellbound.

Whether it’s placed near to or far from your house, and no matter what the shape of your house, MagicLed will stay bright and always in focus.

(NEW) With MagicLed, you can easily change the festive motifs that you want to appear on your house walls. All you have to do is to change the disc!

#2 Easy to install, and weather resistant

No more untying tangled strings of fairy lights! Now you can just set up MagicLed in your garden. Its long stand means you can stick it in the ground, and then adjust the projector head as necessary in the direction of your house.
When you put it away, it couldn’t be easier: just unplug it! 
Practical! MagicLed is designed for indoor and outdoor use.
#3 Can be re-used as often as you like !
With MagicLed, there are no more broken bulbs or lamps. MagicLed instantaneously fills the outside of your house with hundreds of bright, coloured motifs, with no patches of shade.

Ideal for Christmas and New Year parties, as well as all the other festive occasions when you get together with family and friends.

Innovative and inventive – your house will light up whenever party time comes around.

Technical information

1 kit contains 1 MagicLed and a charger