Lightning Splitter For iPhone 7/8/X

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Are you mad that your iPhone 7 / 7 Plus does not have the another Lightning Port or Jack for the headphone?

★The team iTParts has developed the world’s first iTParts DoubleStar™ lightning Splitter adapter with phone call support to answer phone calls, listen to music, and charge your iPhone 7/7+ at the same time ★

A Must Have Adapter for Any iPhone User

The DoubleStar™ lightning Splitter adapter is an investable and affordable iPhone accessory that provides connections for an 8-Pin lightning for charging and another lightining port for lightning earphones. We figured that the Apple iPhone 7/7+ doesn’t have a additional jack the headphone, so either you can charge your phone or use the headphone. You can’t even charge the phone while using a headphone which uses the same charging port (8PIN), unless you want to spend $159 on a pair bluetooth AirPods. The iTParts DoubleStar™ lightning Splitter adapterwill be your primary adapter tool for listening your music the way you always wanted and charge your phone simultaneously. What’s more, the lightning splitter is the only adapter that support microphone function (most competitors sell adapter but not mic function), making the first adapter to support this important feature.

Connecting the iTParts DoubleStar™ lightning Splitter adapter into your iPhone 7/7Plus

The iTParts DoubleStar™ lightning Splitter adapter provides superior value for an unbeatable price

iTParts Lightning Audio + Charge & Sync iTParts DoubleStar for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Use Lightning Headphones and Charge at the Same Time Lightning to Double Lightning Ports
The iTParts DoubleStar™ YOU CAN:
Listen to the Music
Make and Answer Phone Calls 
Charge Your Phone
SYNC the Data