Car Welcome LED Lighting 2PCS

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What is it?


With car electronic technology developing, the led welcome logo light becomes more and more popular. It comes with light and logo together. The logo light will be displayed on the ground once open the door and will be turned off automatically when close the door.

How it works?

The led welcome logo light works same as car original courtesy light. It is installed at the bottom of the door. The logo is inside the projector. When installing it, connect the wires to your original courtesy light, then the logo light will be turned on and off automatically by opening or closing the door.





Step one: Removing the Door Panel

  •  Make sure you are using adequete tools.
  • Snap off the panel located on the inside of the door.
  •  Gently disconnect any wiring that may be attached.

 Step two: Using the hole Saw

  • Remove the hole saw tool from it's packaging
  • Drill out correct size hole from projector light
  • Ensure even contact between surface and drill 

 Step three: Wiring to power

  • Connect the red and black wires to power and ground
  • Use proper safety when handling electricity
  • Snap the door panel back on and you're good to go