Creative kitchen chopper

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  • FEATURES YOU NEED - Large 1 cup container. Razor sharp, stainless steel zigzag blades slice cleanly and evenly. Rotating scrapers keep food off sides for even cutting. Easy disassembly for fast cleanup and storage.
  • CUT PREP TIME IN HALF - Don’t waste time setting up, cleaning, and putting away a monster food processor. Chop, dice and mince food faster! Use directly on cutting board or with included non-slip base. Rinse and throw in the dishwasher for easy, no-mess cleanup.
  • BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE - You won’t find a better chopper on the market today. FEEL the difference in our durable build quality and design. This hand cutter chops with ease and is made to last. Say hello to your newest favorite kitchen appliance!
  • SAFETY FIRST - We design and build all our products to the strictest standards and use the highest quality BPA free and FDA approved materials. Feel confident that your food and your health are safe from unwanted chemicals and toxins.
  • USAGE: cut onions, garlic, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, fruits and so on
  • Color:White、Green、Red