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Ipiggy Moondrop Lunar is gravity defying desk toy that imitates the free fall on the Moon. Whether you are a fidgeter, science enthusiast or just love cool gadjets you will enjoy playing around with it. To achieve the surprising anti-gravity movements it is crafted using amazing laws of Physics.


How it works?
Moondrop is precisely calculated so that vertically falling slider moves at similar speed like you were dropping any object on the surface of the Moon. It has slider that is made from Aerospace grade aluminium. The distance of falling slider is 38 mm. The time for slider to fall is similar as for any object dropped on the moon and falling it's first 38 mm.

Fidget toy
Made from Aerospace grade materials, equipped with super precise slider and nedymium magnets Moondrop is a very satisfying fidgeting toy as well. You can flip it, slide it, spin it and fidget any way you like. It is pocket sized and perfectly fits in a palm so you can take it anywhere you go.


The science behind Moondrop
The surprising movements of Moondrop are caused by Lenz's law which is well known in physics world. Moondrop is made from aluminium or copper ring, aluminium body and strong neodium magnets inside the thin aluminium tube. Aluminium and copper are non magnetic materials however they are great conductors of electricity while each magnet is surrounded by it's own magnetic field. When the magnet moves through conductor such as sliding aluminium ring it's magnetic field induces an electric current in the ring. According to Lenz's law that current creates an opposite magnetic field that adds certain resistance to moving magnet. That makes the slider move slower than it would normally do if made from other materials (without electrical conductivity).


How it's made
Moondrop is made with the latest cutting edge technology using precision CNC machining to ensure the perfect quality to every unit. The body is crafted from Aerospace grade Aluminium which is very durable and light weight. The slider is made from same aluminium or pure copper depending on edition you choose. Each aluminium part is anodized for surface protection.

Included : 1x Slider + Base.