New Butterfly Muscle Stimulator

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Butterfly Muscle Stimulator
 uses soothing electronic muscle stimulation to effectively target most muscles on your body, and works perfectly for the upper abs, the hard-to-target lower abs and the obliques. Now, you can easily get a great workout, anytime, anywhere. With just a push of a button, choose from six workout programs, including warm-up and cool-down plus 10 intensity levels. There’s even a massaging program that feels like a deep-tissue massage. Whether you’re a beginner or have been working out regularly, there’s a workout that’s great for you. Butterfly Muscle Stimulator is wireless so you can wear it under your clothes while going about your daily routine. The reusable toning pads are washable and last up to 30 sessions.
How it works
This innovative toning system relies on the power of Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to send out ripples of toning signals throughout the muscles, causing them to repeatedly contract and relax. It’s the same principle for when people suck in their stomachs and then relax them to their normal size. The miracle abs system is purposely designed like a butterfly to aide in the process of building a flatter, sexier, and more toned stomach. Because Butterfly Abs works by itself without any effort from the user, people can relax, run errands, work, or even exercise at the gym while they are wearing it.
  • Can be hidden under clothes
  • Easy to remove and re-apply
  • Works effectively by itself and even better with a workout plan
  • Strengthens and tones up the stomach at all times
  • Works even if you are sitting down watching tv or cooking dinner