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Do you have problems with your heating and can’t get the heat right in certain rooms? It’s either too hot or too cold? Try the ideal solution: Thermo Plus!

The advantages of Thermo Plus:


Thermo Plus is a portable ceramic heater that you can put in any part of the house. Cold office? No problem, take your Thermo Plus with you and heat a room of more than 20m2 in no time!

Your little personal heater plugs into any socket and can heat all the rooms in your house very quickly.


Very easy to use, you just need to set the temperature to the required level. You can heat your room a little more during the day to stay cosy, then lower the temperature at night (just to remind you, for a good night’s sleep you should have the temperature at an average of 18° - 21° maximum).

Practical! If you suddenly get cold, Thermo Plus can heat a room up to 30° in only a few minutes


Do you feel the cold but to save money you don’t like to heat all the rooms in your house at once? Use Thermo Plus to heat only the room you’re in at the time!

Why not equip yourself with several Thermo Pluses so you can have one in each room set to the right temperature using the adjustable thermostat?

Instead of heating the house the whole day, you can choose when and where to heat.

What is a ceramic heater?

A ceramic heater has its central core made in ceramic, providing optimal, constant and regular heat diffusion.

By using this intelligent system, each room can be kept at a constant temperature, avoiding over-heating and meaning your bills will be cheaper.

Thermo Plus can be taken with you wherever you go. If you are camping, or taking any kind of trip, take Thermo Plus with you!!

Technical details:

Heater with integrated timer (up to 12 hours) and thermostat adjustable between 15 and 32 °C